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Reflection on my workshop in Tate Exchange

I organized a workshop on 10th February in Tate Exchange. Bridget recommended it to us and it is very meaningful to have a reflection about future homes. The name of the whole workshop is PRODUCING FUTURE HOMES AND COMMUNITIES. Ning, Shuang and other students from Chelsea also took part in this workshop with different activities.

This is the introduction of the workshop in Tate:

Join students and staff of Interior and Spatial Design from Chelsea College of Arts, along with a motley crew of collaborators, for a week-long exploration of future communities. Together we will produce public and private spaces and imagine their significance in the face of global tumult.

Drop in to workshop your dream home, to archive the future and to make your own souvenir from times and places to come. Join us to collectively construct architectures and infrastructures for future communities and discuss how dystopias, utopias, heterotopias and other spaces will shape and be shaped by the worlds of tomorrow.


And this is my introduction of the workshop:

By participating this game, writing down your impression, memories and future imagination of a place, you can see this map will record, connect and visualize different understanding towards it.

People from other background may have a stereotype image on an unfamiliar city. But this is changing in the context of globalization because of convenient cultural exchange and the development of this place. But what will happen in the future?

This game aims to provoke the reflection on identity and cultural difference and help us understand what we want to change in the future. Will the impressions become more various or become similar because of cultural assimilation?

The notes may record the real feelings, real descriptions, stereotype images, beautiful fantasy, regional discrimination or national pride… So I hope the interaction will provoke the reflection on identity, cultural difference and even the psychological sense of identity and belonging.

I displayed world map and London map in my stall and organized a game. Visitors can use different colors pins to stick their impression on a city or country on the map.

  • A short reflection on my stall.

Actually, it is much better than my imagination. The number of notes pined on the world map and London map is 127. I’ve never thought so much people can take part in my game. I was worried about my stall would be boring because I just ask people write down their thoughts like wishing walls. So I add some parts such as emoji that can be stick on the notes to express their feeling towards a city. And I made a drawing box and put many trivia about countries and try to attract their interests about other countries or cities.

At the beginning, I explain the game to everyone who show their steps to read others’ notes or game rules and try to interact and communicate with visitors. But some of them are more willing to read the game rules and take part in it alone. It sounds like shopping, someone is more willing to select products alone instead of talking with shop assistant. So I ‘d like to keep the distance when they was writing. Besides, during the peak period a lot of people gathered in my stall, I’d like to leave them to enjoy it like buffet. All in all, I need to consider the visitors’ psychology of privacy protection.

However, there is a problem about the collect. After I collect all of the notes, it is difficult to make a category because I cannot return it on the map after I took off them. My original plan is to make a survey to record the notes. I can also push this game online or on social media for more exposure. On social networks, many people have opportunities to make a connection with one from another corner of the world, to understand the real world and change the stereotype image or misunderstanding of a city/country.

  • A feedback sheet.

What surprised me are many touching languages.

“Even if I never return to you, you’ll always be my HOME.”

“We are from nowhere! Be happy and enjoy your short life. We miss our home and family”

“I miss dumpling. It is the first year I am not in my family”

They are the best gifts in my Spring Festival.

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