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work 1 in Glassblowing Workshop

After 5 days visit the last day we have a presentation about our design in these 5 days. My first design is using the similarity of process and difference of characteristic of glass and balloon to design an interactive and playful vase.

When I visit the glassblowing workshop, the first impression of glassblowing is similar with blowing the balloon. I think the connection of material is very interesting, has both similarity and difference. I am interested in the making of glass, but even I learned the process of glassblowing, I have no experience and opportunity to make it. I think most people have the same feeling with me. So thinking of the similarity of behavior of glassblowing and blowing balloons, maybe I can create the similar experience for the inexperienced people to enjoy the process of making. Also, the combination of material can create more possibilities.

Thinking about the characteristic of material, actually they have many comparative feeling.

I am thinking can I combine these two materials, match the interesting characteristic of balloon to glass?

I researched the classic type of glass bottle from Ikea. Although the shape of them is elegant and classic and some of them has historical context, for example, this shape is from Boston. (glass transit from liquid to solid)

It is hard to change the characteristic of fixed shape of glass.

So I can use the characteristic of balloon--changeable and playful to make up the characteristic of glass—fixed to make an interactive work.

Thinking of the transparency of glass, I learned from the lecture we can observe one space from another space in architecture through the transparency of glass. Similarity, vase is a little space that can observe the growth of plants. When I play with these material, I put balloon inside glass, the process of swelling and shrinking is also like the growth and wilt of plants.

Change the ready-made/normal objects.

Design and sketch for the balloon's various shape in glass

Questions about the technique to glass factory

Q1: It is possible that blow another glass into an original glass bottle? The original glass bottle has been cut some holes and after blowing the second glass, the opened part will swell and be outside. And the second glass bottle will stick to the original glass bottle and become a whole. It is correct like the draft below? If so, how the second glass can follow the shape of original bottle? Can it still expand the length in the shallow space?

Q2: Is it possible that the mouth of second glass bottle can be higher or lower than the original bottle when blowing the second glass? And the shape of mouth can also be controlled to be wide or shallow?

Q3: Is it possible that cut the bottom of original glass can blow the second glass into it and occupy the bottom? And the bottom can be pressed to be more flattened like draft below?

Q4: Is it possible that cut a lot of holes and the opened part can be swelled and be outside like draft?

Q5: If I need to cut some holes in the surface of glass bottle, which way is better and keep it not to be broken? Using a soldering iron to cut the shape or use drill holes?

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