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Glass blowing workshop in Italy

We had a residential workshop for hand-blown glass on March in Montalcino, Tuscany, Italy. The workshop gave us the chance to gain the practical and experimental skills required to communicate and work closely with artisans. At the end of the week we had a presentation about our design and the winning designs will be produced by expert glass blowers.

During the workshop: • We visited the glass manufacturing facilities • There were Lectures from outstanding designers and professionals taking place • Visit to wine production facilities in Montalcino

Monday | Arrival in Montalcino | Workshop introduction and lecture by Pia Wüstenberg | Group formation & group work.

The lecture is by Utopia & Utility which is a design brand combines the function and the fantasty of objects. Each object they design is handmade and unique, and the signature products are called 'Stacking Vessels'. The Stacking Vessels combine several materials and makers in a unique object. The interesting points is that each piece consists of a set of individual containers, stacked together to create a sculptural vessel shape. Once disassembled each part becomes functional, serving as different bowls and vases. She also present how their design develop from idea and sketch to practice in factory.

Tuesday | transport to colle val d'elsa | Introduction to the glass-blowing facilities | Visit to the glass facilities with Pia Wüstenberg | Group work and discussion with manufacturers.

It is the first time I thought the glass material is too difficult that the production cannot be finished by just one people, it requires highly skilled craftsmen and their teamwork. Each object (glassblowing or mould) needs at least three craftsmen to finish each step from drawing glass liquid to colding.

Wednesday | Montalcino - Visit to winery | Lectures with Camilla Brunelli, group work and project discussion with guests | Domitilla Dardi lecture and workshop | Round table with guests and dinner.

Thursday | Montalcino - Design in glass | Lectures with Cristina Felici. Group work and project discussion with guests. | Creative food design and workshop | Round table with guests and dinner.

Friday | Group work and presentation preparation | Design presentation to the jury | Selected project announcement

It is very tired to come up with an idea and develop it from sketch, experiments to final design in five days. We had to work until night as the lecture and visit in the daytime. Although the process is stressful, it is a good experience that thinking from the material and practice. The other four group presented their designs that the inspiration from the observation in factory or lecture. My first design the from the combination with the glass and balloon. When I observed the process of blowing glass, it reminds me the experience of blowing balloons.

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