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Summer show work -- New Blue And White

The work aims to propose a question: Is Chinese traditional culture, deconstructed, reconstructed or integrated into global culture?

Tradition is neither an immutable fossil nor an ancient form existing without re-creative flux, especially amidst the constant currents of assimilation and variation of the overarching tradition of Chinese history.

Blue and white porcelain is a symbolic element in Chinese traditional culture. From the 16th century, the temporal and spatial journey of blue and white porcelain represents one of the forerunning disseminations of culture, knowledge, and technology in the context of globalization. It experienced rise, fall and reinvention as the changes of dynasties. It also was reproduced, appropriated and reinterpreted during the rise of post modernism, which symbolized the subversion and deconstruction of traditional culture.

As carrier of Chinese traditional culture, the blue and white porcelain is divided into two thousand mosaic-like small pieces and recomposed to a representative image of blue and white porcelain. Each one is individual and independent but also belongs to collective. And everyone can take one, the whole piece will disappear gradually, but the work will not disappear actually, they may be taken anywhere.

The process of making:

1. making porcelain pieces

Cutting porcelain pieces, after biscuit firing, use transfer paper to make patterns.

2. Use chicken wire to make support for hang work.

Because of time I need to finish the positions of tiles in each string and then hang the strings on the wire. So I need to calculate the position of string, the number of porcelain piece in one string, the number of layers, the number of lines in each layer, then calculate the number of porcelain pieces.

Problem and reflection : Because the shapes of different layers is difficult to calculate or imagine, it need to use 3D software to divide. Finally the figures in software is not very accurate. Besides, after print the vase profile and stick on the wall, I use the profile to measure the position of porcelain pieces in each line, the measurement is not very accurate and the different length of knot also affects the position of porcelain pieces, so the shape of vase is not very clear, especially for the neck part. The audiences are not easy to understand the shape, but they were interested in the form of hanging work and string sculpture. Many people like to touch the porcelain pieces and shake the string to listen to the sound of porcelain.

I used paper tapes to wrap the string in case they would tangle together and then hang on the chicken wire. After hung the wire on the celling, Maiko help me to untie the tapes.

However, after the lines become more they are very easy to tangle again. Many classmates help me to untie the tangled strings.

My plan is to invite everyone to cut one piece and take it. But not many people are willing to destroy the work. The vase shape is not easy to distinguish. Finally I invite some to cut all of the porcelain pieces and made a video to witness the process of disappear and share to everyone. The whole work distributed to everywhere.

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