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Building Installation in Matter of Stuff gallery

At the beginning of August, I helped Matter of Stuff to build the installation for their new concept Pop Up Design Gallery. It was designed by Raw Edges.

The installation consists of a repeated one single element, a wooden dowel suspended from the ceiling by a blue string. This multiplied element creates a tactile invitation to the space as well as an architectural tool that defines the space; creates partitions and a cast background to the exhibits.

Our work is to cut the blue strings for same length and trill a hole on each wooden dowel. Then tie a knot after the string through the dowel. The work is similar with the process I did in my hang work. To be honest it is very boring and tired in the process. But in the end the visual effect is fantastic.

The installation defines areas and creates division, allowing to display the collection in different space but it also lets the visitors see what behind the partition, let them wander through the wall if they wanted. The wooden dowels are hanged next to each other can create sounds like an instrument reminding us the familiar experience in childhood.

The whole gallery almost keep everything as raw as possible: the walls are exposed, the floor is bare as well as the ceiling. It is a rational way to decorate the temporary space in an effective way.

In the end, we will recycle all of the wooden dowels and strings to give a second life to material.

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