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Idea for Bizen project (Wall Design and Graphic Design)

Idea 1-- Design for wall

(1) Use Fragment to make mosaic pattern (logo)

After the lecture of introduction of Bizen, I think it is a pity to waste a lot of Bizen ware. The ruins of Bizen ware fragment also affect land utilization. After research I think the color and the trace of fire is the symbolic value of Bizen ware. So we can repair these containers’ life. So far, I just think one way to recycling is that collect the fragment and turn it to be the decoration of wall. Except sculpture, wall is another way to attract people’s attention without affecting residents’ daily life. Ceramic has become the material of mosaic for a long history. We can combine mosaic wall and wall painting to express the color of fire and earth.

So I did some experiment according to the logo of Bizen ware. Expect it, I think the natural elements (Water, Wind, Fire, Earth...) used in Bizen ware are very suitable to represent and visualize the Bizenyaki culture. But actually the fragments on the mountain are controlled by government and we are not allowed to recycle these fragment. Besides, because of time and financial problem, I cannot bring this idea into practice.

(2) Paint wall as landscape wall for Bizenware

Use concrete to make the wall flat and waterproof paint to paint the wall white and grey (Match the color of Bizenware) Collect Bizenware, Half of Bizenware inside the wall and half outside as a containers for gifts and notes for tourists. Or grow some plants as landscape. Drawing gifts can be an activity in festival. After drawing tourists can leave their gifts for next people as a memory.

(3) Guidance

Idea 2-- Collect Stamps—Small gifts

Divide places/activities into four parts according to their elements -- Fire, water, wood, soil.I design four cards according to four elements and each cards have their own stamps.Receive the card from points. After visiting the relevant places, tourists can get one stamp. After Collected four stamps, tourists can receive small gifts.

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