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Second version of New Blue And White in the Peckham Festival

The first video shows the the interaction with visitors and environment of show space.

The second video shows the detail of work: movement of porcelain pieces and the sound of installation.

I took part in the Open Studio event in The Arches Studio during Peckham Festival on September 20 - 21. The work showed there is second version of summer show work -- New Blue And White. (The detail of New Blue And White is in the blog-- I changed a lot from the way of hanging to the material of frame. After getting the experience of hanging the second version is much better than before.

The show space was under an arch and visitors need to pass the arch to the arches studio. The wind through the arch was very strong to move the installation even I fixed the two sides and fixed the top wire with five strings.

The visitors enjoyed observing the movement of porcelain pieces and sound because of wind. Because I fixed the two sides the strings is not easy to tangle together, children were allowed to touch the work, they likes to shake the strings to listen to the sound. A lot of people like to take videos than photos to record the sound and movement.

For the porcelain, some visitors were not sure what material it is and asked me. It is interesting that a women asked me how can I cut the porcelain pieces from a plate or vase. They were willing to listen to me explain the history of Chinese traditional porcelain and the craft of making process. The work reminded some visitors of the willow pattern design, which is also one of my research subject. The action and participate of visitors inspired me to rethink my work and push the next step.

As a visual art work, I am glad that people can enjoy the visual effect of my work. And it is important that how to link the visual objects to abstract concept. Not many people stopped their step to look at my instruction on the wall. But they has their own answer in the heart.

At the beginning, I changed the wire used last time because the detail would affect the work in the environment of arch. I made the two wood frames and put chicken wire in the middle like sandwich. In this way the edge of wire can hide inside and looks more delicate.

Because the show space is under an arch, the wind is more strong to move the installation, I fixed the two sides top and bottom, the installation is more strong and the string is not easy to tangle together.

This time I got the experience to hang. I didn't measure the position of porcelain pieces in each string. I hung the profile ( the middle layer of vase) of vase, just hung one string of each layer to ensure the position of porcelain, and follow this string to hang other strings in one circle. In this way, the work would finish circle by circle.

In this time, the shape is more accurate than the first version.

The environment in the arch is darker than the normal display space, so the work looks darker but the color of porcelain looks more obvious in this environment.


The work aims to propose a question: Is Chinese traditional culture, deconstructed, reconstructed or integrated into global culture?

Tradition is neither an immutable fossil nor an ancient form existing without re-creative flux, especially amidst the constant currents of assimilation and variation of the overarching tradition of Chinese history.

Blue and white porcelain is a symbolic element in Chinese traditional culture. From the 16th century, the temporal and spatial journey of blue and white porcelain represents one of the forerunning disseminations of culture, knowledge, and technology in the context of globalization. It experienced rise, fall and reinvention as the changes of dynasties. It also was reproduced, appropriated and reinterpreted during the rise of post modernism, which symbolized the subversion and deconstruction of traditional culture.

As carrier of Chinese traditional culture, the blue and white porcelain is divided into two thousand mosaic-like small pieces and recomposed to a representative image of blue and white porcelain. Each one is individual and independent but also belongs to collective. And everyone can take one, the whole piece will disappear gradually, but the work will not disappear actually, they may be taken anywhere.

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