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Food workshop in Montalcino

During the week in glassblowing workshop in Italy, we have a food workshop that use the vegetables, fruits, a tool to tell a story about our work to others. It's a fresh way to think about the material, the medium I can use, not just always ceramic.

At the beginning, we have a introduction about the food workshop and there are some examples to use food as a narrative medium.

It'a about breaking typology that we give for granted. Redefine the typology of our eating habits.

It's about suggesting emotions and sharing them around a table.

We all can relate taste to personal and shared memories.

Can food tell stories?


This is my work, I was building a "castle".

This is the instruction for my work in food workshop

It is inspired by a chapter of Gulliver's Travels that I read in my childhood. It describes a country called Lilliputian State. In this country, the people there are very tiny. In my childhood, I often imaged that I can drink some magic potion and shrink to thumb size in order to travel to another realm like Alice In Wonderland. In this workshop, I use my favorite food to create a food world belong to myself. I use noodle to make a tiny ladder and climb on the top of mountain of food step by step. In each step by ladder, I can taste different kinds of food.

Cabbage represents forest, the yellow solid means desert. Food can be created a mountain surrounded by water. This experiment continued one of my concept—view food as landscape. It aims to provide a new way of food presentation to create narrative stories, in order to provide people vivid imagination and combine the experience of sight and taste.

Barbara's work

Peng Peng's work

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