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Site research in Bizen

It is very magical that I am in London and using English to write about a board in Japan which shows a well-known saying from Confucian Analects. When I got off in the station and saw the saying "It is such a delight to have friends coming from afar." I felt close to this unfamiliar city. Actually, at the same time, it is very popular to have a reflection on Confucianism in China at the present. The Shizutani School reminds me of the establishment of Confucius Institutes in many countries, it is hard to think it is not related to cultural communication in the context of globalization.

After four years study in Jingdezhen, this is the second time that I went to a city famous in historical ceramics production. My MA project is closely related to Jingdezhen, so this trip has a very deep experience.

Very lucky to live for half months in Bizen. First of all, my accommodation was separately arranged in the homes of two local pottery artists. The Bizen ware are full of their homes and can fill the whole cabinet. Whether it is wine, tea or coffee, I rarely use unglazed utensils(inner). The daily tableware or tea sets in Jingdezhen usually use glazed white porcelain, especially the Celadon. Although I am not used to it, the earthy and unglazed pottery is very suitable for the local food.

We also visited the pottery school in Bizen, these are pig chopsticks holders the potter there made. They are for 2019 -- the Year of the Pig.

The first day we visited the Shizutani School. Compared with modern architecture, I am very fond of Japanese traditional architecture. Whether it is a shrine, temple or an ordinary residence. From the outside, it is harmoniously integrated into the surrounding natural environment, and from the inside it has the beauty of "empty".

Then we visited our exhibition space. We can use the space without touching the wall. So I got the idea that we can build a wooden screen to display the tiles.

The decoration on the floor gave us the inspiration for the hexagon tile design.

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