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Studio visit --Ying Chang

Oscar asked us to have a studio visit to an artist or designer related to our project. I visited a Chinese artist Ying Chang on November 27. She graduated from RCA in 2014. But we used English to finish the interview. This is her studio environment, it’s the same place with assemble studio.

We are discussing the special pen can draw on the porcelain. She used it in her work the journey. Then I asked her more than 10 questions and the interview has one and half hour.

Ying Chang (2015), The journey

‘The journey’ has a set of specially designed tools, it uses movements in packaging to create unique marks on vases when transits. It transited from London to New York and has more than 5,000 kliometers. You can see it uses special pens to create patterns and visualize the journey. It turns the shipping time into production processing stage.

I asked her that "Why use this way to visualize the journey? What is the thought process behind it?" She said It’s an experiment to reflect on globalisation environmental impact. Because globalised trade competition leads to excessive production of short-lived or disposable items. She want to Individualise mass-produced object to evoke strong emotions between material objects and human relationship.

Ying Chang (2016), Illusive luminaire

In her another work Illusive luminaire, she used 3d printing to print each shape and use magnet to connect. It’s like Lego to stack a light for yourself. The shapes are inspired by architecture, the details of shapes can create complex shadows and control the illumination. She wants to break the archetypal mould and stereotype of everyday objects and create endless possibilities.

I ask her "How do you think of digital handmade, the craftsmanship in the industrial revolution?" She used it in her work “illusive luminaire” to blur the line between digital and crafts. My project is about exploring the relationship between digital making and traditional handcraft. So, I am curious about it. (a better and modern way to show the beauty of object or it effects traditional craft) (machine and human)

She answer me that designers can be artisans with digital tools. But designers need to be much more creative and with much more afterthought with the thought process put into practice. But she doesn’t want to use digital tools to make a beautiful, amazing thing that traditional craft hard to made. She focuses on critical design, she always challenge the commonsense, think why the things should be this way, why it can’t be another way.

Ying Chang, Grid system

It is the work Grid System. Each module is moveable, challenge our automatic and habitual reaction to everyday object’s forms and functions, use it in a personal and unique way.

She also used package to shape these bottles to discuss the memory of beauty.

Finally, she recommended me another artist Han Zhenhan also graduated from RCA. His work can also promote my project. I wrote his work as case study in my proposal.

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