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Reflective thinking on Failure seminar

Chasing perfection is a failure in itself.

The failure on ceramic making:

Ceramic is a very special material for me. I gained a lot valuable experience from making. Actually when I learned the skill of throwing I was asked to throw a lot of unfinished containers because of the mistake of gesture. But I think I should have continued to play the clay. You can imagine when you are throwing a bowl, your finger touch the clay carelessly and ruin the perfect shape you made, you can just follow this shape and create your first work. The failure can give you inspiration, not only just experience for the next time. I think we does't need to do the perfect machine work. Handmade is means the failure will happen, the mistake maybe is the most beautiful part in the whole work.

Natural interventions can ruin or can enhance your work.

The failure on hanging work:

The reason I chose this work is it's the most representative work in my project. I got many failure from ceramic making to hanging installation. And I was provided an opportunity to pay attention to the relationship of environment and object.

I made two version of the hanging work. First one is in the 3D Design studio which is a indoor space. The environment had no wind but the people walking around made the string tangled together. I gained the experience from the failure and in the second version, I used wood frames to fix the two side from top to bottom to prevent the wind to ruin the work again. Because the environment is outdoor, I am very afraid of the wind through the arch ruin the work.

However, I made another mistake. When I hang the porcelain pieces from center to the four sides, the strings in the center of the work are too tight and made the top frame lower than before. In this way, the strings in the sides is shorter than those in the center. So the strings in the center are more movable when wind blows the work. I thought it would be a ruined work again and the string in the center would be tangled, but the failure gave me a surprise that the work hanged below the arch looked like a movable sculpture. Because of the loose strings, the porcelain pieces made a beautiful sound through the wind. Both visual and sound caused by natural environment made the work attractive and drew children's attention to play with the work.

Sometimes, failure can be successful when put in different situations. We can guide the failure to another route to create surprised work.

Another failure:

Functional failure and Aesthetic failure

Sometimes, aesthetic failure is subjective, it is interesting to invite other people to evaluate our work. When you feel the failure on the appearance of work, others are not agree with your opinion. Different with functional failure, how can we decide the failure on aesthetics?

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