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Tutorial for the final show plan

1. Issues/subjects to be discussed

1. The timeline of pattern (contemporary pattern or traditional pattern)

2. The range of blue and white porcelain (British or Chinese)

3. The plan of hanging bowls and plates attached meaning label.

4. The second plan of hanging porcelain pieces with pattern and meaning label

2. Issues/subjects discussed during the tutorial:

For 1. Combine the contemporary pattern and traditional pattern in my work. Because my work discusses the tradition in the future, the tradition that time should save the things in the past and now.

For 2. The range doesn’t need to be limited in one place, it is the chance to show the British visitor that blue and white porcelain is more than Willow Pattern. It is more about historically traditional objects were interpreted, misinterpreted and reinterpreted in different culture.

For 3. Using meaning labels to “define” the pattern (lotus may mean purity but someone think is more about Buddhism. For a traditional pattern everyone has different opinion) and then guide audience what they think about tradition. But the action of attaching the label and hanging the plates will make audience confused. I need to design the system simpler.

For 4. Reconsider about hanging. The wall system can also take into consideration. Thinking another idea about providing possible traditional patterns in the future and invite audiences pick what they think is tradition and be involved in the process of composing a massive plate.

3. Actions to be taken:

1. Make sure the whole system is simple and accessible. Audiences can enjoy the process of interaction. The broken fragments and tangled lines in last two works are negative example.

2. Make sure everything speaks my concept. Consider more about details and the shape of single elements.

3. The pattern is the most important part to speak my work. I need to think about each element in my design.

4. Student’s comments/notes

I need to consider more what I want audience to understand and what is the most important. And then design the system of interaction, the final outcome of whole piece, the single element and the pattern. Make sure everything speaks the story.

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