The Reflection on Previous plans for Final show

June 14, 2019

 Plan 1 

 Reference for label

 Works in exhibition Black Mirror 



Plan 2


Plan 3  


The language of material--


The reason of using transparent gauze:


People can touch and change the shape, as people hang more and more small vessels, the weight will make the shape of gauze vessel deeper.

–-This material matches the meaning that tradition is flexible and changeable.


Size: about 1.5cm

Color: white (black or grey) compare which one is more suitable to hang porcelain pieces


Plan 4


The reason of using small vessels as single element:


1.   Each one is individual and independent container but also belongs to the whole pieces. Many small vessels compose a massive vessel.

2.   Medium/canvas for pattern, historically the blue and white patterns were used in ceramic vessels.

3.   Similarity with plants.


The meaning of the shape of small vessels :


Molded clay forms a vessel; just because of its nothingness (hollowness) the usefullness of the utensil exists. 



埏埴以为器,当其无,有器之用。 --老子


For the final show, I have many plans and ideas. I know It is not suitable to change many plans before the final show. But I want to use my objects to do the best visual language and let more audiences are interested in my project. So I spent a lot of time to explore the best way of interaction.  I designed many systems but most of them are complex and are not the good way to show my most important part. Sometimes, I focus on details but ignore the whole effect of work.









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