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Critical Evaluation of practice and future development

Current practice

The new understanding of blue and white porcelain

Before I came here, I started my practice in Jingdezhen. I research about the blue and white porcelain in Qing dynasty from and criticize the over-decoration. But I ignored the aesthetic in that age and didn’t have reflection on the meaning of pattern.

And then I start to think about the symbolic meaning of pattern. For example, the wrapped lotus pattern has very specific meaning in china. Lotus in Chinese is Lian, It means connect. So I used it to make some experiment, to reconstruct, reinterpret it. But I didn’t notice the details. Every element of my work needs to speak to my idea.

I also use the pattern to divide the porcelain into thousand pieces, and everyone can take it. And I start to think about the demonstration and interaction, think about how people can participate in and be interested in the narratives of work. So I use the way of hanging and set up the interaction.

I don’t want my research on blue and white porcelain just limited in china, so I used Willow pattern as medium. I invited audience to draw their own willow patterns. In this way, they can find they are in the progress of creating tradition.

After the practice, I focus on pattern and did some research. Because pattern is the most recognizable and symbolic things in ceramics. The pattern can reflect the aesthetic and lifestyle at that age. People transform their ideology and spirit to the visual pattern.

In this way, I will make an installation to show the new understanding of blue and white porcelain. The work combines the contemporary pattern and traditional pattern. Because my work discusses the tradition in the future, the tradition that time should save the things in the past and now. The small vessels with different characteristics in different ages speak to the tradition in the future.

The whole process is from the misunderstanding of traditional pattern, to reconstruct and reinterpret the tradition and then break the stereotype of time and space. Every work shows my different understanding of blue and white porcelain.

Future professional practice

After graduation, I want to find opportunity to create my design brand -- “New Blue and White” series. It is the way for me to explore the contemporary interpretation of Chinese traditional blue and white pattern. I have designed the room divider and combines the two traditional crafts--tie dyeing and porcelain. The blue and white have the cultural significance and the strong recognization. I will also think about markets for selling. I did selling last year in Old Spitalfields Market and used my porcelain pieces to make some jewellery. In the future, I will learn the jewellery making and make the series more mature.

For the installation, I will continue the hanging work and develop a better interaction system. The hanging work also need a steady structure if I display it in the public space.

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