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Evaluative writing in the journal

The whole journey of my project is about the new understanding of blue and white porcelain and the new understanding of tradition

The new understanding of tradition

Chuan and Tong

At the beginning, my understanding of tradition is that:

Tradition in Chinese can be divide into chuan and tong, chuan means the continuity of time and tong means the expansion of space.

and try to reinterpret it from my perspective and create new blue and white. It is a way to understand the present and re-evaluate the past.

So my research was divided to two part, time and space. I did the historical research of blue and white ceramics and the site research of the origins and collections of traditional blue and white ceramics.

Tradition is a process, not a result

I researched about how the forms and patterns on blue and white porcelains was changing in different dynasties. It guide to a question: what is the next tradition? What is the tradition in the future? And then my understanding was updated by a book called "tradition" by Edward Shills.

"Tradition" is a "process" that flows through the past, the present, and the future, rather than a "result" that has been defined in the past. Tradition is not just a ready-made thing that we inherited from the past, but we produce it ourselves, because we understand and participate in the progress of tradition, and thus further define the tradition by ourselves.

Tradition of future, future of tradition

An exhibition called Tradition of future, future of tradition in Haus Der Kunst make me view tradition from the future point. See history as a fluid process. Its interaction with the present as dynamic cyclical and interconnected.

Evaluation for my practice

In the last three terms, I practiced through ceramic with a series of way such as juxtaposition and deconstruction to reinterpret blue and white porcelain through Jingdezhen traditional skills in London. I must consider more about the difference of the material and firing in London and Jingdezhen and also the technical problem in detail. Except the experiments through ceramic material, I need to reflect more through experiment and document in the blog.

In the process of building the show, I think I need the available time to prepare the material and consider the safety issues. It is not good for me and work to making in a stressed emotion. If I do the hanging work in the future, I need to consider more about the structure, spare more time for installation (the hanging pieces needs a lot of time) and also the safety issues (check the ceiling or wall, metal pieces, hanging structure, strings and ceramic pieces are safe for audience ). If I need to add the interaction, there are more issues I need to consider because I need to ensure the movement for the works or audience is safety. Besides, the natural environment like wind, light can also effect works. I need to take the artificial and natural influence for the work into consideration, it is important to take responsibility for audiences and works.

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