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Self-Question for my work

Why do you use porcelain as medium?

Porcelain as camera, canvas

Why the shape of works are bowls and cups?

1. The most simple and classical container.

2. The most common objects in life.

People will die but objects leaves maybe saved and were given to next generation in the future after many years. Porcelain is one kind of objects.

Why you use small vessels as single element:

1. Each one is individual and independent container but also belongs to the whole pieces. Many small vessels compose a massive vessel.

2. Medium/canvas for pattern, historically the blue and white patterns were used in ceramic vessels.

3. Similarity with plants.

The meaning of the shape of small vessels :

Molded clay forms a vessel; just because of its nothingness (hollowness) the usefullness of the utensil exists.


埏埴以为器,当其无,有器之用。 --老子

Why do you use pattern as you main part of you work?

Pattern made the blue and white porcelain as a sign

Present the contemporary life

Why do you use auspicious ancient pattern?

Auspiciousness is the most popular cultural accumulation in our traditional Chinese culture. Auspicious decorative patterns are the most important part of the Chinese folk culture. They reflect the longing for the good life of the Chinese nation in the long-term social life. They also transform the auspicious beliefs in natural things or social phenomena to the visual pattern. They believe that the auspicious pattern can avoid disasters and bring people to JiXiang. Ancient Chinese ancestors wisely used patterns - this unique visual language,by selected a specific image as a graphic symbol of a certain abstract idea. They transformed the intangible thought into a concise and clear graphic image, to be an "No word book." It even makes the illiterate viewers understand at a glance and understand the meaning. In the Chinese folk custom celebrations, the auspicious patterns were used by people to place good wishes, to render a festive atmosphere, to beautify the home, to give gifts to people, and to pray for good fortune. A lucky pattern spreads a beautiful legend, and a lucky pattern brings joy to the family.'

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