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The reflection on Work In Progress show

Work instruction:

In the progress of creating tradition

"Tradition" is a "process" that flows through the past, the present, and the future, rather than a "result" that has been defined in the past. Tradition is not just a ready-made thing that we inherited, but we produce it ourselves, because we understand and participate in the progress of tradition, and thus further define the tradition by ourselves.

The work uses shards of willow pattern as medium to speak to the sense of loss and memory that traditional ceramics often carries in our lives, as they sit silent and half-forgotten in our cupboard or glass showcases. People can read and understand the stories behind the patterns through the past, the present, and the future. By defining their own willow patterns, they will find they are in the progress of creating tradition.

The problem of the work in WIP show:

- Language of material

The material/objects speaks stories. The two parts (Pattern design on the plates and the shards of installation) are confusing to audience, one is gentle and another looks dangerous. The visual language of shards are too impressive. The two parts are not very balanced. Every design of details can effect audiences' action. Do they willing to have interaction with the work?

Next steps:

I can pay attention to the material. Same material but different shapes (shards or fragments) looks very different. The sea shards leaves historical artificial feeling and also natural influence.

-The hanging problem:

For the original Plan1--the installation height is similar with people and audience can walk into the installation and observe or draw on them. For technique, the work needs 4 inches wood support. However, I have to give up the plan because of time. I need the available time to prepare the material and consider the safety issues, which is same problem with my last summer show hanging work.

Next steps:

If I do the hanging sculpture in the future, I need to consider more about the structure, spare more time for installation (the hanging pieces needs a lot of time) and also the safety issues (check the ceiling, metal pieces like hooks, hanging structure, strings and ceramic pieces are safe for audience ). If I need to add the interaction, there are more issues I need to consider because I need to ensure the movement for the works or audience is safety.

Besides, the natural environment like wind, light can also effect works. I need to take the artificial and natural influence for the work into consideration, it is important to take responsibility for audiences and works.

--The concept:

My works always have a big and vague theme, it is difficult to use a small work based on material to show an abstract and vague project.

Next steps:

I need to find a way to narrow it and make my project more specific and deep.

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