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The show plan for WIP show


A small part of vessel - a small part of pattern - a small part of stories


Outside - Inside: Audience walk from outside to inside

Inside - Outside: Stories and cultural significance of objects can spread from glass showcase to outside


The tradition of future

The future of tradition

See history as a fluid process. Its interaction with the present as dynamic cyclical and interconnected

Introduction for The tradition of future, The future of tradition

This breathtaking presentation of historic and contemporary Islamic art offers a lively comparison between past and present. A century ago, the exhibition 'Masterpieces of Muhammadan Art' at the Haus der Kunst in Munich, Germany, introduced the Western world to the artistic splendors of the East. Artists such as Wassily Kandinsky and Franz Marc, along with thousands of other visitors, were inspired by the works' colorful abstractions and technical brilliance. One hundred years later, thirty of the pieces from the original exhibition have been reintroduced alongside contemporary and previously unexhibited examples of Islamic art, design, photography and fashion. The juxtaposition highlights issues , such as how we define Islamic art today, the role of the avant-garde in past and contemporary art, and how the 1910 exhibition was a turning point for the reception and exploration of Islamic art in the West. These and other perspectives are explored in lively essays by scholars and curators. Beautiful color reproductions allow readers to appreciate the enduring traditions as well as the remarkable developments in Islamic art.

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Why do you use porcelain as medium? Porcelain as camera, canvas Why the shape of works are bowls and cups? 1. The most simple and classical container. 2. The most common objects in life. People will d

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