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The instruction and poster design for the final show work

Because the work will set the time 100 years later, for me It is interesting to set the year to 2109. It seems like a game. Audiences may mix the year with 2019 at the beginning, then they will understand the work is from future after they read the poster.

Although I set the work as a ceramic museum in 2109, it will still return the display way in 2019 to show that how the "traditional porcelains" in 2019 looks like, how the people in 21st century display their ceramics, how the lifestyle of people in 21st century was.

Traditional way: Poster, Hand-writing and reading book

Think our present time, think about tradition from the future point.

Everything will be the past.

I will use these words to introduce this future museum, and guide audiences to jump to the future point to view the work.

Traditional Blue and White Porcelain

Time: 11/06/2109-17/06/2109

Welcome to “New Blue and White” ceramic museum in 2109.

The collections recorded the traditional blue and white porcelains

before 21st century, which are collected by a Chinese ceramicist

Yue Gu. The pattern on the collections return the lifestyle in 21st


To provide a better experience, we also return the way of exhibition

in 21st century. You can find more information on our booklet, the

number on the bottom of collections corresponds to the page number of the book.

And use this instruction to design a poster to attract people's eyes.

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