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The process from WIP "In the process of creating tradition" to final show "The tradit

The future of tradition,

The tradition in the future.

--Tradition(Blue and white porcelain)

The theme is too big and vague, so I narrowed it and use blue and white porcelain as medium to explore this project and as visual language to spread my idea.

For the blue and white porcelain in the future, it is vague and hard to imagine. So I set the time one hundred years. It is a suitable time because after 100 years the most of people in the world will change to next generation. It is interesting that different generation's thinking about tradition. For us, I used to listen to the popular music last century because the popular things was preserved after experience would be classical. For the next generation, the popular things at the moment maybe turned to classical things.

So I set two questions for audiences and myself --


How the traditional blue and white porcelain will be after one hundred years?

It maybe recorded the moment now, it will be the memory in the future.

How to define the traditional blue and white porcelain?

After thinking the traditional blue and white porcelain

before 100 years, the…now and ….after 100 years.

When the traditional art return to original period could be the contemporary art that year, when the contemporary art now jump to the future time could be traditional art.

Anf then Guide to the concept:

"Tradition" is a "process" that flows through the past, the present, and the future, rather than a "result" that has been defined in the past. Tradition is not just a ready-made thing that we inherited from the past, but we produce it ourselves, because we understand and participate in the progress of tradition, and thus further define the tradition by ourselves.


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